Personal Information Protection Policy

Dentsu Digital Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) carries out marketing activities that foster new relationships with our clients, channel managements that control various contact points with consumers (including distributions), and developments of specific services to manage clients’ needs and responses. In addition to planning, the Company takes responsibility in carrying out such plans. The Company, as a marketing partner, will contribute to corporations through the realization of effective “new ways to sell.” In the fulfillment of the services, the Company recognizes the importance and sociality of personal information, and as such, the Company complies with applicable laws, regulations, and other norms; and in accordance with the personal information protection policy below, all of the Company’s officers and employees are united in carrying out the personal information protection management system and realizing the proper handling of personal information.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Continuous Improvement

Regarding the protection of personal information, the Company will comply with Japanese Industrial Standards “Personal information protection management systems - Requirements (JIS Q 15001:2017)” and other applicable laws, regulations, and norms regarding personal information. The Company will also continuously review and improve the personal information management system.


2. Proper Management of Personal Information

To manage personal information, the Company shall designate a person responsible for personal information management, identify the management system therefor, and strictly manage the personal information. In addition, the Company shall prevent and correct any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and divulgence, etc. of personal information and take appropriate and best possible measures therefor.

3. Handling of Personal Information

When a principal makes inquiries on the Company’s website, he/she will be asked to enter his/her personal information. The Company will strictly manage any personal information sent to it in order to prevent loss, alteration, and divulgence, and will restrict the access to such information to the person in charge with access rights. In addition, such information will be used to improve the Company’s services and shall never be disclosed to any third party other than those for whom the principal’s consent has been obtained; provided, however, that such information may be disclosed upon request for provision thereof from an official judicial entity (court, etc.) or official administrative entity (police, etc.), after procedures under applicable laws and regulations are taken.

4. Respect for Principal’s Rights

Upon a principal’s request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information held by the Company, the Company will properly handle such request pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

5. Handling of Complaints and Consultations

For complaints, consultations, etc. concerning the handling of personal information, we have established and will promptly handle the same at the “Complaint and Consultation Desk for Personal Information”. In addition, we will strive to improve the personal information protection management system based on complaints, consultations, etc.


Established on May 1, 2006; Revised on April 1, 2024
Koh Takimoto, Representative Director and President
Person Responsible for Personal Information Management: Corporate Executive Officer

Complaint and Consultation Desk for Personal Information

Person in Charge:Person Responsible for Personal Information Management

Publication regarding Personal Information(PDF:78.4KB)


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