Use of Informative Data

Dentsu Digital Inc.

1.Acquisition and Purpose of Use

The details and the purpose of use of the informative data※1that Dentsu Digital Inc. (the “Company”) acquires are as follows:

The Company may acquire the history information of the users, such as time of access to websites, IP address information※2, user agent information※3, information recorded in cookies※4, click history and conversion history of advertisements※5, referrer information※6, and ad identifiers※7, when the users come into contact with the Company’s services, e.g. when they view any advertisements distributed by the Company or web content/apps in which analysis tools provided by the Company have been installed, etc.

In addition, the Company provides its partner companies, such as media companies, with various kinds of services for data utilization. In order to provide these services, the Company may receive the users’ characteristic information, such as their respective age, gender, and place of residence, from the Company’s partner companies. However, the Company will not receive any information that can identify a specific individual. The informative data will be retained for the period necessary to provide the relevant partner company with the abovementioned various kinds of services.

※1 “Informative data” shall mean log information, etc., incidental to the use of the internet, e.g. information related to an individual, such as the individual’s gender, interests, etc., information recorded in cookies, IP address information, browsing history, and purchase information, that cannot identify a specific individual.

※2 “IP address information” shall mean identification numbers allocated to computers that are connected to networks such as the internet or an intranet. The area in which the user is using his/her computer may be determined by using this identification number.

※3 “User agent information” shall mean information such as the type and version, etc. of the browser or the OS used by the user.

※4 “Cookie” shall mean a system in which certain data are recorded and saved onto the viewer’s computer through web browsers. Unique IDs, etc. are recorded in the cookies to distinguish individual users.

※5 “Conversion history” shall mean the history of actions, such as requesting materials for and purchasing products, that are defined as valuable by website operators.

※6 “Referrer information” shall mean the URLs of websites that were viewed immediately before jumping to the website that you are currently browsing.

※7 “Ad identifier” shall mean a string of letters that are resettable (changeable), such as an IDFA and Advertising ID, that are used to distinguish individual terminals, including mobile information terminals, etc.

Informative data are used for purposes such as distribution reports to advertisers, screenings to detect fraudulent operations in ad distributions or ad distribution control, development of partner companies’ websites and ad menus for apps, analyses of customers and users, joint research with research institutions, recommendations, and ad distribution control and content distribution control, etc. for partner companies. “Ad distribution control” includes the distribution of targeted advertisements, in which the optimal advertisement for the user viewing the website or app is selected and distributed. Cookies and other technologies are used for these operations. The Company shall assess and select the information necessary for providing its respective services and shall not acquire informative data that are not necessary for providing, improving, or enhancing its services.

2. Provision to a Third Party

The Company may categorize users by certain classifications, such as interest, preference, and age group, etc., that may be assumed based on the acquired informative data and provide information related to such categories (i.e. segments) to its partner companies, such as advertising providers, media companies, advertising companies, and advertisers. The segments provided by the Company will be used for the delivery of targeted advertisements, recommendations, development of advertisement menus, and analyses of customers and users, etc. The Company does not allow the identification of any specific individual using the Company’s segments without the user’s consent. The Company will only provide segments to partner companies that comply with the applicable laws and regulations, as well as the standards set forth by the Company.

3. Opting Out

The Company provides a function for discontinuing the distribution of the Company’s targeted advertisements using cookies (the “Opt-Out Function”). The Company also provides a function for discontinuing the creation of segments and the provision of segments by the Company to third parties (provision to partner companies). If you wish to discontinue such features, please request an opt-out through the below page.

Contact e-mail

Opt-outs must be performed for each browser used by the user. Therefore, if a user wishes to use a computer other than the one on which an opt-out has been performed or installs a new browser, such user must perform an opt-out again. Please also be informed that the users will need to opt out again when they delete the cookies issued by the Company.

Established on July 1, 2019
Revised on May 6, 2021


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