Agreement Terms Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

When you provide information about yourself on this inquiry form, Dentsu Digital will manage and protect your personal information as follows.

1. Personal information

In protecting personal information, we comply with Japanese Industrial Standards’ “Personal Information Protection Management Systems – Requirements (JIS Q 15001: 2017)” and other laws, regulations, and rules related to personal information. In addition, we will review and improve our personal information protection management system on an ongoing basis.

2. The personal information we collect

In order to respond to your inquiry, we ask you to provide your company name, department, name, email address, and phone number as required information. Please note that we may be unable to respond to your inquiry if this information is incorrect or incomplete.

3. Disclosure, revision, and deletion of personal information

Dentsu Digital accepts requests for disclosure, etc. of this personal information. Please contact the Personal Information Protection Complaint and Consultation Counter regarding the relevant procedure. Please note, however, that in cases prescribed by laws and regulations we may be unable to disclose, etc. the information.

4. The handling of personal information

We ask that you enter personal information when making inquiries, etc. on the Dentsu Digital website. The personal information you send is strictly managed to prevent the information from being lost, modified, or leaked, and only authorized personnel can access it. In relation to this, a part of information system management is entrusted to external partners. This information will also be used to improve Dentsu Digital’s services, but will not be disclosed to any third party without your approval. However, we may disclose the information in cases in which a public legal institution (a court, etc.) or a public administrative agency (a police agency, etc.) makes a demand pursuant to laws and regulations.

If you have comments or questions regarding this, please contact us below.

Personal Information Protection Complaint and Consultation Counter

ContactPersonal Information Protection Manager: Head of Corporate Division

Public Disclosures Regarding Personal Information (PDF:79KB)


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